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Automotive services we provide include key generation when all keys are lost, spare keys, lockout situations, ignition repair, keys cut to factory spec, several “dealer only” keys, replacement remotes, and remote batteries.

Automotive Services

Key Generation

Even if you’ve lost all of your keys, we have the technology and equipment to produce a new key. Just call with the location of the vehicle and we’ll come to you! **There are select vehicle models that we cannot produce keys for**

Spare Keys

Down to your last set of keys? Don’t let a costly lost key situation ruin your day, call us to arrange coming by our office to make a spare (or two) and never worry about losing your keys again!


It happens, you hop out of your car and before you know it the door has shut and you’ve locked your keys inside. Don’t panic as we’re here to give a helping hand. We have technicians on call so just pick up the phone and give us a call (970) 926-8000.

Ignition Repair

If your key is starting to give you trouble when trying to turn your ignition there’s a chance that we can repair it for you. Give us a call and describe the issue you’re having and we’ll let you know what options we might have for you.

Keys Cut to Factory Spec

After years of use, keys just wear out. If you’re starting to have trouble with your key it could be that the cuts have worn down to the point where they are no longer effective. Have us cut a new key back to factory specifications and throw that old key away.

“Dealer Only” Keys

That’s right, even if you think you have a “dealer only” key there is a chance we might be able to make a new key for you. Please call with the year, make, and model of your vehicle and we will confirm if we can produce a key for you or if you do in fact have a “dealer only” key.

Replacement Remotes

Lost that handy remote for your car? We supply and program remotes for all OEM applications and can give you back the convenience of remote entry! Just call us with the year, make, and model of your vehicle and we can give you a quote and availability to get your new remote.

Remote Batteries

If the buttons on your remote are only working on occasion you might just need a new battery. Stop by our office during normal operating hours and we can check the status of your battery and supply a new one if needed.

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