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Best and Worst Places to Install a Safe

It’s not always easy to decide where to put a safe in your house.

There are many factors that you must consider when deciding where to install a safe in your home. You want your jewelry, documents, and home defense weapons at your fingertips, but on the contrary you also want to ensure your valuables are safe from the three most serious threats: fire, burglary, and flood.

In this article, we’ll show you the ideal places to install your safe and, likewise the worst places to hide your valuables. However, because every house is built differently, we can only suggest the best location, but it’s still up to you to decide the nearest possible space in your home for safe installation.

Best Places to Install a Safe

1. On the Floor

While floor safes offer many of the same benefits that wall safes have, the process of safe installation is much more complex and arduous. You can place large carpets, rugs, or other furniture on a safe floor, making it difficult for burglars to have an idea where it is located. Floors are considered to be the best place to hide a safe and they are extremely secure, difficult to remove, and they can be easily hidden effectively.

Floor safes can be installed on concrete or wood floors. If you’re worried about flooding, it’s advisable to select a waterproof model. In addition, it would be best to consult a contractor before installing it to make sure that it’s suitable for your home flooring.

2. In the Wall

If the safe you’ve bought is the best safe for home use, is not too deep, and your wall is thick enough to accommodate it, you can embed it in your wall. If you don’t have an idea on how to install a safe, you should seek the help of a professional to do the job for you. Keep in mind that the hole must be large enough because the cement might add pressure on your safe, resulting in difficulty in opening it.

Wall safes of high quality can provide protection against criminals and fires. You can increase security even further by properly concealing your wall safe in many different ways, such as behind the closet, picture frames, and mirrors.

3. In the Attic

Your safe installation is more secure in the attic because it is difficult to access. The only way to get in is via a ladder that leads to a mess of unorganized junk scattered throughout the room. The attic is often a place of neglect and is not common to be the best place to hide a safe. This makes it less inviting for anyone looking for valuables.

You keep your attic in such a state of neglect that you don’t even notice it. Even if they knew there was a safe in your home, they might not realize it. One glance at the clutter in the attic, and they will try to convince themselves that they were mistaken.

4. In the Basement

A heavy-duty safe from a quality manufacturer is the best safe for home use because it can last a lifetime. Once it’s in the basement and bolted on the concrete floor, it would be hard for anyone just to take it. Even if you have a smaller safe, the basement can be ideal for a safe installation. However, not all homes have a basement so this option is not for everyone.

Burglars often disregard basements because of their messy and cluttered nature. To scour the area would be a waste of their limited time, so this is the best place to hide a safe.

Worst Places to Install a Safe

1. Under your Bed

Criminals love to find hidden items under beds and mattresses. This is especially true for master bedrooms. Even though someone doesn’t expect to find a small safe in their home, they will be looking for these types of objects.

A bed placed over the safe may make it easier for thieves to flip the bed and cause damage or break your safe.

Keep in mind that this section of the house will be more thoroughly inspected than the rest of the rooms, therefore it’s one of the worst places to hide valuables in a safe.

2. In your Garage

You probably know there are many ways to access your garage if you’ve ever been locked outside. This area is the most vulnerable. This area is often only protected by an electric garage door or a padlock. A motivated criminal can gain access to it quickly. Why would a criminal want to gain entry to the garage? This is because garage burglars also love to target lawnmowers and bicycles.

What does this mean for your safe? Your safe is more likely to be discovered because the garage is a vulnerable area and can be used as a target by criminals. If the safe isn’t adequately covered, it could be seen easily when the garage door opens.

3. In your Staircase

You might not have realized this when you had your safe installed underneath your staircase because you thought that burglars would disregard this unusual hiding place. However, most criminals know that this is a popular hiding spot, so after the bedroom, they’ll search for safes underneath the stairs. This is because even though it’s larger than a closet, it is still smaller than one room. Therefore it’s easy to find and check.

4. In your Closets

Criminals know that many people store all sorts of items in their closets. Closets can also be searched easily. Even though a criminal may overlook small items, even the most observant burglar will see a safe. Compared to the game hide-and-seek, the closet is the most obvious place to hide your safe.

Alpine Lock and Safe is always here to help if you need assistance with your safe installation.

There are many options to choose when deciding the location to install a safe in your home, but without proper knowledge, it may lead to wrong decisions and risks of losing your valuables.

Each home has its unique characteristics. One solution might work well in one house but not in another. Always seek professional help if you are unsure. Feel free to contact Locksmith in Avon, CO, for expert assistance and sound advice to help you protect your investments. Don’t hesitate. Call us now!

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