Importance of Changing Door Locks Between Tenants

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Owning a rental property entails a wide range of duties. Your responsibilities go far beyond collecting rent. While you may recognize that your responsibilities also include property maintenance and general upkeep, one topic that frequently causes misunderstanding is whether changing door locks between tenants is required. Although it is not required by law, landlords should […]

Tips To Improve Front Door Security

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Looking at recent burglary statistics and research from the Bureau of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, including the one that says 34% of burglars use the front door when breaking into a home, it’s pretty clear how crucial front door security is. Your front door is one of the most frequently used access points for […]

8 Effective Ways To Increase Apartment Door Security

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If you are renting and not allowed to make changes to the property, we have included some temporary fixes. But if you continue to feel uneasy within the apartment, speak with the landlord. There is a good chance that you will be permitted to implement the required long-term security measures. After all, your safety must […]

Ways to Keep your Home Secured While on Vacation

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Vacations are something that many people look forward to for months. It’s the best way to have a few days off from the daily stresses of work and family. However, don’t let your excitement about taking a vacation make you forget the threats of leaving your home unprotected. You can go to the beach, spend […]

10 Ways to Reinforce Your Home Office Security


Setting up a secure remote-working environment, such as your home office, is not as easy. It takes a lot of effort to keep your office safe, especially for those new to the remote work setup. Workers love the freedom to work remotely. It allows them to be free from the commute and complete their tasks […]