Hardware can be so expensive that hotels may wait over a decade before upgrading to new locks for their doors.

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to seamless and perfect online check-in for guests is often this lack of “lock innovation.”

This is a common mistake that many hoteliers make when looking at new hotel access control systems. They always perceive an upgrade to be an added expense, without thinking that it’s a part of an investment to entice guests to book in their hotel and increase revenue in the long run.

Why is it Necessary to Change or Upgrade your Hotel Door Locks?

It is an important task to change and upgrade the hotel door lock system of your hotel rooms from time to time.

Notably, it’s cost-effective and practical to commit to a long term solution since you won’t be changing your locks for a long period. You can be inclined to spend a hefty amount of money for quality upgrades, such as key card door lock and durable hotel door latch in every room in your hotel for added security.

Furthermore, it can also open up new possibilities, such as the chance to significantly improve guest experience, streamline operations, strengthen security and ensure the future viability of your property.

Factors to Consider When Upgrading your Hotel Door Lock System

Increasing the security of your hotel door locks allows you to introduce new features and enhance guest experiences. To do that, here are some factors to consider when upgrading your hotel door lock system:

Can guest check-ins become smoother with automation?

Travelers today want faster and contactless services. In mid-to-upper-range hospitality, mobile device check-in has become a popular trend. Remote key adoption is rapidly becoming a standard feature that hotels must include to provide personalized and fast service. Offering key less check-ins is an excellent way to engage guests and direct bookings through your mobile app.

Smart door locks with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity make it easy to automate check-in. This feature doesn’t only save time for your hotel guests but also elevates the image of your hotel to be modern and updated.

Can security and safety be improved upon upgrade?

You must consider the whole building and all access points when changing locks in a hotel. When upgrading locks, hoteliers need to find a solution that increases the security of their lock, especially inside the room, such as additional hotel door latch that can be accessed by the guest.

The replacement hardware must be compatible with existing doors, fire exits, handicap accessibility requirements, as well as all other activities that are part and parcel of daily management and maintenance of the hotel.

It can be an added cost to replace door locks, but the main purpose of any lock change in general is to increase security, and that should be the hotel’s main priority.

Can your hotel reduce energy consumption when changing hotel door locks?

It may seem like your business’s goals for being green are irrelevant when you decide to change locks. But it is. You can reduce energy consumption by switching from traditional hotel door locks to an integrated access system that includes electronic locks. This system is part of an automated system that adjusts temperature, lighting, and window treatments before guests enter the room. Also, the lights and air conditioner are automatically turned off when the room is empty.

Is it time to upgrade to cloud based hotel access control systems?

Cloud-based access control systems offer greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness than traditional hotel access control systems. While the overall cost of ownership can be reduced, the system can be expanded to include as many doors and ports as required. Hotels of any size can choose the security system that suits their needs and budget.

The cloud-based systems allow hoteliers to control access from anywhere and store records securely. They can also retrieve information easily. It’s easier to grant temporary access in the event of a card being lost or to change credentials if they are stolen.

Is it easy to install?

If they aren’t properly installed, even the most secure locks won’t be of any use. A hotelier must identify a hardware supplier that meets the highest industry security standards before any enhancements to property security are made. The industry is increasingly looking for ways to improve visitor comfort and accessibility. Hotels should look for a certified locksmith who knows how to change locks on door and has the expertise to guide them in their decision-making process, to recommend the best hardware brand.

Kinds of electronic hotel door locks to choose from:

Lock with Pin code

These hotel door locks can be opened by entering the correct sequence of numbers on a touch pad or keypad. The input field is typically attached to a wall, at a maximum distance of 50 cm from the code lock. The software also records the time of access, among other features. Keypads are more splash-proof than touch pads and have a smaller area, so they are less susceptible to water damage.

Lock with RFID system

RFID stands for “radio-frequency identification”, which is the recognition of objects and people using electromagnetic waves. A contactless transmitter-receiver systems identify objects and people using radio waves. You can combine it with an electronic lock. A special chip must then be programmed into a small transponder and placed on the door. Depending on which provider the guest uses, their transponder may look like a card, key fob, or special bracelet.

Lock with smart app control

It’s still quite new to use a smartphone app to control the locking system. The app allows you to access the hotel room via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. It offers many functions to improve customer experience by adding the mobile check-in option, which allows you to open the door with a smart phone. This will make it easier for your guests to save time and avoid waiting in line at the reception.

Lock with sensor and chip card

Hoteliers love electronic hotel door systems that utilize a sensor, like a key card door lock. These kinds of locks can be easily programmed. They are also straightforward to use by both hotel staff and guests.

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