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Services we provide for commercial properties include master key systems, exit devices, door adjustments (closers, alignment, latches, etc.), key duplicates, electrified door control systems, high security locks, rekeying of existing locks, repairing existing locks, push/kick plates, and hardware installation including bore and prep.

Commercial Services

Master Key Systems

Do you have multiple employees or guests that you would like to only have access to specific areas? We can set up a master key system for you that will allow multiple keys to work different locks. For example, a master key that would work all locks, an engineering key that would only open locks applicable to that department, and a housekeeping key that would only open locks applicable to the housekeeping department.

Exit Devices

We service and supply all types of exit devices ranging from a standard push bar for a main door to a self-contained alarm style panic device to notify if a person is trying to use an unauthorized door.

Door Adjustments

Is your door sticking, having trouble latching, or closing too fast/slow? Our technicians can adjust everything from the closer speed to the strike to make your door function properly.

Key Duplicates

If you are just looking for a few spare keys our technicians can make copies on site or feel free to stop by our office.

Electrified door control products & systems

Magnetic locks, uni-latch, entry devices, exit devices, power sources, timers, electrified strikes, etc.

High Security Locks

Are you looking to increase your security? We offer high security lock options such as Medeco to step up your level of security.

Rekeying Existing Locks

If you’re renting a new space or have lost a key, rekeying is a cost effective way to keep your business secure. We pull the existing cylinder and change the pinning to a new key so that old keys will no longer work.

Repairing Existing Locks

Is your lock cylinder spinning without retracting the latch? There is a good chance that our technicians can determine what is causing the problem and repair your existing locks without the additional cost of replacing the lock completely.

Automatic Applications

We can assist with repairing or installing new automatic door applications such as ADA requirements.

Hardware Installation

Our technicians can install any hardware you may have. From mortise applications to metal and glass doors, we are your installation professionals. We strongly recommend purchasing your hardware through us to insure that the hardware you purchase will work/fit properly.

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