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When the topic of home security is discussed, door locks and padlocks are often the first things to be brought up.

Complete door hardware means that your door is fully equipped with hinges, chains, and knobs. All of these accessories work together to protect any property. At Alpine Lock & Safe, we provide quality door hardware in Edwards, CO. You can guarantee an increase in security for your, home, office, and business assets.

Different properties and buildings all require different methods of security. Securing a commercial building is different from securing a residential property. Businesses require extensive security systems and door hardware.

That’s where our expertise comes into play. Alpine Lock & Safe has professional locksmiths who know exactly what door hardware your property needs for increased safety. Whatever it is you need, we have it.

Types of Door Hardware We Provide

There are a lot of options for door hardware in Edwards, CO. Here are some of the most popular ones today:

1. Chain Locks

This is the simplest way to reinforce resistance and door safety. Chain locks are found mostly in houses. A lot of people still find it surprising that a simple chain protects your home from burglars. Chain locks have been keeping millions of families safe for many years.

They're also affordable. Having one installed on your front door, as well as your bathroom, bedroom, and even kitchen doors will not put a hole in your pocket. Our kitchen door hardware in Edwards, CO, is perfect for keeping your kitchen safe from possible break-ins.

2. Hinges

Hinges keep the door in place and allow it to operate smoothly. Improper installation will cause problems for you. A misalignment in the hinges will compromise your door's security — providing easy access to intruders. Keeping them in excellent condition is necessary for the safety of your loved ones and valuables.

Door hinges are not only used on the front door. They are an important part of all the doors in your home, including the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. If you are having problems with your bathroom door hinges, we provide top quality bathroom door hardware in Edwards, CO. Get the privacy you deserve no matter where you are.

3. Closers

Be able to close your doors with highquality door closers. Having door closers also prevents unwanted entry, keeping you safe from outsiders. This type of door hardware is usually seen in commercial facilities.

Office doors are used by employees and visitors every day. You don't want to risk anyone accidentally leaving the door open. You can never go wrong when you invest in commercial door hardware in Edwards, CO, such as door closers.

4. Deadbolts

A cylinder deadbolt is considered the best option for all security concerns. A deadbolt is a sturdy lock system. No one can move or open it unless they have the right key.

It is commonly used in residential properties. It is one of the best security options to keep a house secure. Alpine Lock & Safe highly recommends deadbolts as residential door hardware in Edwards, CO. We want you to have only the best protection for your family.

Get the Best Commercial and Residential Door Hardware in Edwards, CO, From Us

Alpine Lock & Safe continuously provides ultimate protection to your family and business. Entrust your door hardware needs to us. Call us today, and we’ll see how we can upgrade your security with our top-notch door hardware in Edwards, CO .