Security Safes in the Avon, CO, Area

Your assets deserve to be protected from untoward circumstances.

At Alpine Lock & Safe, our priority is to help our clients protect their investments and vital belongings. Besides locksmith services, we have provided our clients with superior deposit boxes, like Gardall safes in the Avon, CO, area, since 1972.
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Advantages of Owning a Safe

Here are some benefits of owning a safe:

Protection from Fire

Keep your valuables in pristine condition during emergencies like floods or fires. With nearly impenetrable, fire-proof American Security safes in the Avon, CO, area, you won't have to worry about a thing.

Storage for Firearms

Always store your registered firearm where prying eyes can't access it, such as gun safes in the Avon, CO, area.

Protection Against Theft

Protect your valuable possessions and priceless jewelry from intruders with a jewelry safe in the Avon, CO, area. A wooden dresser is never enough protection.

Prevention of Misplacement and Missing Items

Prevent misplacing your valuables and always know where they are, no matter how far or long you've left them unattended.

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Our High-Quality Safes in the Avon, CO, Area

Every safeguarding purpose has a dedicated safe that suits it best. Alpine Lock & Safe has the best safety box for every occasion.

1. Gun Safes

Part and parcel of being a responsible gun owner is ensuring that your firearm is stored away properly. Owning a secured gun safe in the Avon, CO, area is essential to keeping people in your household away from harm. You can rest easy knowing no one can access your firearm like it's no one's business.

We have a broad range of Fort Knox safes in the Avon, CO, area, such as the Original, Personal, and Auto Pistol Box. The selection also includes a Shotgun and a Cab Security Box.

2. Jewelry Safes

Items of immeasurable worth require a safe of immeasurable defense. If you have a priceless collection of expensive accessories or gemstones, a jewelry safe in the Avon, CO, area is guaranteed to keep them secure and organized. Just give us a call, and we'll have something for you. If we don't have what you're looking for in stock, we'll order it for you.

Among our stock are premier Gardall safes with dedicated shelves for total organization and built-in fire protection.

3. Fire and Burglary-Proof Safes

There's no way to know when disaster will strike, so it's always best to be prepared. We provide households and commercial properties alike with high-quality fire and burglary safes in the Avon, CO, area from American Security, with the CSC Series and AM Series among them. The standard duration of fire protection ranges from 45 minutes to 120 minutes, so these safes will protect your valuables from the harshest of circumstances.

4. Hotel and Personal Safes

Feel secure, no matter where you are. Alpine Lock & Safe offers different types of personal and hotel safes. Be confident with the knowledge that your belongings are secured 24/7. Our staff will help you choose the most appropriate safe for your needs.

Choose Alpine Lock & Safe For Your Safekeeping Needs

At Alpine Lock & Safe, we give our patrons the security they deserve. Although we have our main office in Edwards, CO, we service different areas of the state. We provide high-quality safes in the Avon, CO, area fit for any of your safekeeping needs. Browse our website to know more about our partners and keep your valuables safe. Call us today!