Maximum Protection for Your Valuables

The main reason people decide to install safes in their home or office is for security.

Having a safe assures that your valuables are as safe as they could ever be, even without you around. If you are looking to have a safe installed in your home or business, get the best from us at Alpine Lock & Safe. To guarantee protection for your valued belongings, we acquire safes from the most trusted brands — Fort Knox safes, American Security safes, and Gardall safes.
Here are the types of safes we provide:

1. Fire and Burglary Safes

When owning a safe or vault, you need to be prepared for potential burglaries and fire and water damage, among other things. These unwanted scenarios can damage a standard safe, so yours needs to be built with durability in mind.

At Alpine Lock & Safe, we provide a wide selection of fire and burglary safes. We have units designed to withstand two-hour-long exposure to fires with temperatures reaching up to 1700°F, 1750°F, and 1850°F. House fires are known to reach a temperature of approximately 1100°F, so you can rest easy knowing that your valuables are well-protected.

2. Gun Safes

Gun safes are meant to keep firearms and ammunition inaccessible to undesirables and several unwanted incidents. For that reason, they should have the maximum possible durability and security.

With the gun safes we provide at Alpine Lock & Safe, you have a variety to choose from. We have security safes for both handguns and larger firearms. Additionally, we also have bedstand or nightstand safes that can give you easy access when burglars unexpectedly break into your property while you are sleeping.

ALS - Safe and Vault Repair in Colorado
These guys are nothing short of fantastic! They moved my safes not only once but twice due to issues moving into my new home. My safes are still perfect! They moved them into the new situation with no damage to the safe of either home.
Dee Ann Rees Phillips
ALS - Hand inserting a key to a vault

3. Jewelry Safes

Protecting your earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, and the like is a wise decision to make. Besides their price tags, some family heirlooms and priceless pieces have been passed down for years. Considering their monetary and sentimental value, protecting them from unpleasant incidents should be a priority.

The good news is that we offer and install jewelry safes at Alpine Lock & Safe. We provide safes of different sizes, colors, and features to match your preferences. Not only are our safes designed to protect your jewelry from burglars, but they are designed with impressive fire ratings to protect your jewelry from unwanted fire incidents as well.

4. Hotel and Personal Safes

If you own a hotel, guest house, vacation house, or resort, Alpine Lock & Safe provides a variety of hotel and personal safes. These safes are great for securing your and your guests’ personal belongings.

Like our jewelry safes, we provide hotel and personal safes of different sizes, colors, and features. There are digital, electronic, and under-bed types. Additionally, we can install hotel and personal safes that can be discreetly installed in the floor. Besides their space-saving aspect, floor safes can also be undetectable to inattentive burglars.

For all of your safe and vault needs, Alpine Lock & Safe provides and installs the best.

We understand how hard it is to lose essential possessions and documents, so we guarantee that all the products we provide are designed and built with the highest degree of quality. For any inquiries or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Give us a call at (970) 926-8000, or send us an email at [email protected].