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Store your belongings, firearms, jewelry, and important documents away from harm's reach.

Items such as your personal documents, jewelry, family heirlooms, and firearms are valuables that need to be kept in specific storage. They require space to secure them from fire, flooding, burglaries, and other unwanted incidents.

Installing safes in your home or office is an added step to protect your valuables and personal belongings from damage, loss, and theft. They are built with durable materials and sophisticated features to ensure maximum protection and long-term functionality.

Alpine Lock & Safe provides and installs an array of premium quality safes in Silverthorne, CO. We partner with trusted brands to ensure that we only offer products designed to withstand harsh external factors.

Factors to Consider When Buying Security Safes

Different types and varieties of safes have different features and parameters. With numerous options to choose from, you need to ensure that your chosen product meets your needs and preferences. Here are some of the things to consider when purchasing Silverthorne safes:

1. Type and Degree of Protection

There are different types of security safes—jewelry, fire and burglary, personal, and gun safes. All of which differ in the type and degree of protection they offer. They can withstand various degrees of pressure, heat, and moisture as well as potential wear and tear.

It is essential to note that the type of safe you choose should depend on the nature of the items you will place inside. You may want to consult your provider and insurance company regarding the burglary and fire ratings needed for the best coverage and security for your valuable items.

2. Capacity

When choosing safes, you also need to consider the storage capacity. This means examining the items you plan to place inside your safes. While small jewelry and paper documents won’t take up much space, you may still need extra space for the items you will store in the future.  

Exterior dimensions are not an accurate measure of the storage capacity. Safes have varying wall and door thicknesses, so their interior dimensions should be considered when checking the capacity. It is recommended to buy safes with an interior dimension of 25% or more to allow room for items you might add in the future.

3. Size and Weight

Finding the perfect safe size for your home or office depends on the available space on your property. You want to make sure that the safe you plan to get is not too small or too big. So, the best thing to do is to measure the dimensions of the space where you plan to install your safe.

Regardless of size, you need to ensure that your safe is installed in a secured location that cannot be accessed by unauthorized people and is away from possible fire or flooding. You may also want to consider the weight of the safe for seamless transport and movement.

ALS Lock Safe

Our Safes in Silverthorne, CO

Alpine Lock & Safe understands the frustration of losing valuable items. We help our customers provide better security and protection for their possession with high-quality Silverthorne safes.

We offer a variety of safes for your unique security needs. Our products include:

1. Jewelry Safes

Our jewelry safes are lined with top-quality velvet to protect your delicate jewelry from moisture and other harsh elements. They are also made of heavy-duty steel to ensure optimal protection from extreme temperatures, as well as thieves.

2. Fire and Burglary Safes

When storing combustible items like documents, you can rely on our fire and burglary safes in Silverthorne, CO. They are made of durable material to ensure better protection from long exposure to high temperatures and external forces.

3. Hotel and Personal Safes

One of the benefits of having a safe inside your home or commercial space is having to secure your valuable items while still having access to them at any time. We offer premium quality safes for personal use, hotel, resort, and other commercial needs.

4. Gun Safes

Firearms and other weapons must be kept out of children’s reach. We offer gun safes in Silverthorne, CO. They come in different sizes, specifications, and strength factors, so you can choose one that works for your needs.

Why Choose Alpine Lock & Safe

Alpine Lock & Safe is a trusted provider of high-quality hotel, fire and burglary, jewelry, and gun safes in Silverthorne, CO. Since 1972, we have worked with various brands and offered products guaranteed to offer maximum security and protection.

We understand that security safes are a long-term investment. So our expert team also offers installation, maintenance, and repair services, so you can keep your safes in good condition.

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Safeguard your valuable possession with reliable gun, jewelry, personal, and fire and burglary safes in Silverthorne, CO.

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