Commercial and Residential Door Hardware in Dillon CO

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Add an extra layer of security to your property by investing in premium quality commercial and residential door hardware in Dillon, CO.

Door hardware, such as handle sets, doorknobs, locks, deadbolts, and levers, serves as your property’s first line of defense against intruders and burglars. They deter potential offenders from breaking into your property. It’s essential that you invest in reliable door hardware to ensure maximum security on your property.

Thankfully, you’ve got tons of options nowadays. There are numerous manufacturing companies that offer quality door hardware that can enhance the security of your property. With excellent residential and commercial door hardware in Dillon, CO, you can sleep well at night, knowing that your property is safeguarded.

At Alpine Lock & Safe, we provide commercial, residential, and kitchen door hardware in Dillon, CO. We partner with some of the most trusted brands to provide our customers with products engineered to the highest standard. Invest in our products, and we’ll help you secure your entire household or business premises.

Things to Consider When Buying Door Hardware

At Alpine Lock & Safe, we make everything convenient for our customers. We’ll help you choose the best hardware for your property.

To get you started, here are some factors you need to consider when buying residential and commercial door hardware in Dillon, CO:

1. Level of Use

When buying door hardware for your residential or commercial space, it's important to take into consideration the level of use. This is because the extent of door usage can vary significantly.

For instance, residential doors are used for approximately 20 cycles per day, while the number of cycles goes up to a hundred or more for commercial doors. It's best to check the life expectancy of door hardware before you decide to buy them.

2. Outdoor and Indoor Conditions

Another thing you have to consider is your location's ambient condition. Both indoor and outdoor conditions can affect the service life of door hardware, so it's essential that you choose products built and designed to withstand such external factors.

If you live in coastal areas, it's recommended to choose door hardware with corrosion-resistant properties. On the other hand, if you live in a city with dusty conditions, it's recommended to choose products that don't easily get damaged due to dirt buildup.

3. Style

One of the best things about door hardware is that they're not just for security purposes. From an aesthetic standpoint, you can also rely on them. Depending on the style, they can help you elevate the overall look of your space.

You have a variety of style options to choose from, such as antique, classic, vintage, and modern. As for the colors and finishes, you have brass, matte black, polished chrome, and dual-tone.

4. Quality

Last but not least, you also have to consider the quality. Similar to other things, you want to ensure that your doorknobs, locks, and levers last and keep working as they should. So, prioritize quality over anything else.

It's always better to invest in products designed with superior quality, even if they're a bit more expensive. Low-quality products won't last and might put your entire property in a vulnerable state.

Why Choose Alpine Lock & Safe

Alpine Lock & Safe has been providing exceptional commercial and residential door hardware in Dillon, CO, since 1972. With years of experience, we know the ins and outs of choosing the best products for all types of property.

On top of quality products, we also offer door hardware services, including installation and repair. We’re here to make your investment worth it by ensuring that your door hardware remains in good condition.

Our Dillon Door Hardware Products

At Alpine Lock & Safe, we offer a wide array of residential, commercial, and bathroom door hardware in Dillon CO, including the following:

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