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All About Hollow Metal Door Frames

You’ll find commercial doors everywhere, from medical and educational facilities to office buildings and shopping malls.

There are many choices when it comes to commercial doors for businesses. Although there are many advantages to choosing from wood, aluminum, and glass, more commercial buildings are turning to different types of hollow metal door frames.

If you’re looking into upgrading your business, discover if a hollow metal door frame is the right door that ticks all your requirements.

What Is a Metal Door Frame?

Hollow metal frames are strong and durable. Property owners can use them for interior and exterior openings in offices, hospitals, schools, and apartment buildings. During the manufacturing process of a metal door, manufacturers bend cold-rolled or galvanized steel to form the frame.

It also comes with laminated steel panels. The door will usually have a pocket for mortise locks and mounts for hinges. Hollow metal doors can withstand heavy use.

Depending on the height of the door, you can fit them with three to five hinge mounting points. You can also equip a hollow metal door frame with a plastic laminate, stainless steel, or wood veneer finish to create the desired aesthetic effect.

Here are some types of door frames you should know:

1. Single Rabbet

A rabbet refers to the space between the stop and the frame’s face where the panel, door, or glazing is held. These are used for aesthetic reasons or very narrow jamb depths. A single-rabbet metal door frame only has one rabbet on which the door rests while closed.

2. Double Rabbet

The most popular door frame profile type is a double-rabbet. This frame has a stop separated by two rabbets, which can be in equal or different sizes. The door thickness will determine the size of your rabbets.

A hollow metal door frame with identical rabbets typically has two identical spaces. On the other hand, uneven rabbet frames allow distributors to reduce inventory, as they can work with any door thickness.

3. Cased Opening

Frames with a cased-open profile are flat. There is no integral stop, which gives the opening its clean appearance. These frames are ideal for doors with rescue hardware and double-acting doors so that the door can swing both ways.

4. Double Egress

A door frame with hollow metal door frame details looks like a set of stairs going in opposite directions. The stops for this type of door frame are located opposite one another.
The doors allow for traffic flow in both directions in a corridor. This is possible by using hardware that can only operate from the push side. This allows for traffic control and protects users from colliding with opposite traffic.

Types of Hollow Metal Frame Anchors

Knowing the correct anchor for your hollow metal doors is essential, allowing you to install them anywhere.

Here are some of the common hollow metal frame anchors:

1. Wire Masonry

The most commonly used anchor for new masonry walls is wire masonry. This anchor can be resized to fit the jamb depth of the frame as required.

2. Wood Stud

Wood stud anchors have two steel tabs. These tabs fold over the face of the stud and attach to it.

3. Universal Stud

Universal studs are a combination of two stud anchors, making them suitable for any stud wall. There are tabs available that you can fold over the faces of the studs or bent steel plates that can be fastened through the studs’ throats.

4. Existing Masonry

You can use these masonry anchors in openings where you’re only waiting for the frame installation and the block walls are up. These anchors are sometimes referred to as “Punch & Dimple” frame anchors.

5. Steel Stud

Steel stud anchors are made from a bent steel plate pressed against the stud. They are secured to the stud through its throat.

Why Invest in Hollow Metal Door Frames

Although the best commercial doors will vary based on your business’s needs and budget, a hollow metal door frame is an excellent investment. Here are reasons why you should consider hollow metal doors:

1. Superior Security

The name might be misleading, but hollow steel commercial doors and frames are stronger than other door materials. They are made of durable steel that is reinforced by the buffer space between the panels. They are used by many commercial buildings and modern facilities to cover most access points.

The multi-layer design of a hollow metal door frame protects surrounding structures and reduces the likelihood of cracks, dents, or other damage. The steel used to create them also makes it more difficult to force open and break down.

2. Impressive Durability

A hollow metal frame door is highly durable. It’s likely to last many years without suffering any significant damage. This is why it is so popular in many facilities and buildings.
Warping and delamination are not an issue for a hollow metal door frame since it is made of metal. Commercial metal doors withstand everyday wear and tear in high-traffic areas and heavy-duty applications.

3. Low Cost

They are relatively affordable compared to other options. This is especially true when you consider their many benefits. The wide variety of standard fitting options makes it easy to install—reducing labor costs altogether. Because they are durable and don’t need much maintenance, servicing and long-term costs are very low.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Although the primary purpose of hollow steel doors is to provide protection, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on a beautiful appearance. Steel doors are available in many colors to match the exterior and interior of your building.

You can choose from embossed or plain doors and a wide variety of window configurations. These doors look great and are suitable for any commercial use.

Steel is also easy to clean. This makes hollow steel doors simple to maintain for your customers and staff.

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