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Are Keyless Door Locks the Most Secure Option?

What are Keyless Door Locks

Keyless entry to properties is becoming more popular. Electronic locks can replace the bulky key ring, making them a more practical and efficient security solution.

Moreover, keyless door locks do not require a physical key like traditional locks. You can open them in many different ways depending on which brand you have.

They are more commonly known as smart door locks, and are great for gadget lovers. They can be opened using a pin code, swipe card, or fingerprint scanning. Keypad locks are equipped with an integrated 10-digit keypad which businesses and homeowners can use to enter a code that unlocks the door. They are simple, easy to programme, and convenient to use.

Difference Between Traditional and Keyless Door Locks

The critical difference between a regular and keyless deadbolt is that a regular deadbolt requires a key, while a keyless deadbolt relies on a pin code or fingerprint scanner to unlock the door.

They have distinct differences physically. The traditional lock is incorporated inside the door frame while the keyless system is installed outside. Additionally, keyless door locks require batteries and are often equipped with a keypad at the front.

The Advantages of Keyless Door Locks

Keys won’t be lost.

An area can be secured with keyless entry systems by coded access using a keypad fingerprint scanner, keycard, or keypad. This means that you don’t have to worry if keys get lost or end up in the wrong hands.

There’s no need for emergency keys.

The common practice is to hide an “emergency” key somewhere in case the key is lost, broken, or stolen. The risk of unauthorized entry is reduced when you have keyless entry systems.

You can monitor access through your computer.

Every authorized user can be assigned a unique code for keyless entry. This allows employees the ability to take responsibility for their own codes, which can help reduce code sharing or access by unauthorized personnel. Keyless entry systems can also keep track of who gained access and when.

They are aesthetically appealing.

A keyless door lock could make your property attractive to potential buyers, whether you’re looking to buy or sell.

The Disadvantages of Keyless Door Locks


Smart door locks are generally more expensive than regular deadbolts. A deadbolt can cost you between USD$30 and USD$50, depending on its quality. Keyless deadbolt systems can be as low as USD$100 up to as high as USD$250.


Power failure can cause malfunction. The system may not function properly due to power failure since most modern keyless entry systems use electronic keys. This could result in being locked as you cannot enter an access code. Consider which keyless locks will allow you to access your business or make it safe in the event of power outages before installing one. Many keyless locks have a backup battery system in place just in case.


Many keyless entry systems are dependent on the code entered by the user. This can lead to authorized users forgetting their codes and being denied access. If this is a problem, you might consider using biometric scanning instead of keyless entry systems.


Similar to keyed entry, it is easy to be passive and not take advantage of keyless entry. It’s easy to forget to change security codes or get overwhelmed. Instead, create a master code that all employees use. This issue can be eliminated by using biometric or keycard locks, which are uniquely tied to each employee.

Are Keyless Door Locks More Secure

The primary question when shifting to keyless systems is: Are keyless door locks safe?

To answer the question, yes, the use of keyless locks can be more secure if they reduce the likelihood that you’ll lock your doors every time you leave and that you won’t need to hide a key someplace else or make so many extra that you lose track of them.

Although smart door locks seem more secure than traditional deadbolts, that’s not necessarily the case.

It’s not foolproof. Even though you don’t need to have a key with you, this doesn’t mean that you are immune from the possibility of losing your password or pin code. Cyber hackers can also compromise electronic systems, but most reliable and high-quality locks will have enough security features to minimize this risk.

Types of Keyless Door Locks

Understanding the different types of electronic deadbolt locks will help you choose the best one. Many of the locks can also be equipped with multiple technologies that provide you with keyless access to the door in case you lose your key or forget the pin code.

1. Bluetooth

You can achieve multiple locking functions with Bluetooth locks. The lock can detect when you are within a certain distance and will unlock automatically as soon as you approach it.

2. Biometric

For small businesses, fingerprint entry is very convenient. They are very straightforward to program and allow for up to 100 fingerprints.

3. Keypad

To unlock the door, keypads need a PIN. It is easy to set them up, and you can change the pin code anytime.

4. Wi-Fi Connection

Some locking systems are compatible with a hub. This allows Wi-Fi connectivity and adds additional functionality.


Quality should not be compromised when it comes to home and business security. It would be best if you considered more than simply choosing the lock that is on the shelf. While budget is important, it’s also important to consider your lifestyle and security requirements before investing.

Electronic deadbolts are a smart option if you have adopted the most recent technological advances. Because they are more convenient and allow for greater control. Moreover, smart and keyless locks can be an excellent option for tech-savvy homeowners. Always consult experts to find out which keyless door lock is best for you.

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