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Effective Ways To Prevent Car Break-Ins

Dealing with car theft or car break-ins can be frightening, not to mention frustrating. If you have ever arrived at your car and found it has been vandalized or disappeared from where you parked it, you will know the sickening feeling in the core of your stomach that a sight like this produces. Moreover, having your belongings taken from you and having to repair or replace damaged parts of the car or other stuff is also an aggravating experience.

If you live in a big city, you’re likely aware of the obvious ways to prevent car break-ins or car theft. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, there was an astounding increase in car break-ins from May 2020 to May 2021 in San Francisco alone. With break-ins on the uptick, it’s probably a good idea to be extra cautious. Given that fewer individuals are traveling to work since they are working from home, you need to take precautions to secure your vehicle. Here are some suggestions on how to prevent car break-ins.

6 Ways To Prevent Car Break-ins

1. Secure the car doors and close all windows entirely.

One of the most common, and probably the most straightforward ways to prevent car break-ins is to ensure that your car is locked and that all windows are closed. Even though it might seem obvious, up to 25% of auto thefts occur because the doors are left unlocked, or the windows are left open. As a precautionary measure, always remember that a car’s anti-break-in car windows must be fully closed.

2. Purchase anti-theft devices for your car.

Purchase an anti-theft device if you wish to take extra precautions against car theft. Using one or more devices, you may protect your vehicle from theft and vandalism. Besides installing an alarm system in your vehicle, numerous additional preventative actions exist on how to catch car break-ins. In addition, installing an anti-theft system on your vehicle can reduce your car insurance premium.

3. Take out your valuable items.

If you leave your wallet, phone, or other valuables inside the vehicle for everyone to see, this is like an open invitation to potential thieves. When they can see objects of value within their reach, thoughts of the prize outweigh the threat of getting caught.

4. Put your vehicle in a secure spot.

Be careful where you leave your car when parking. If possible, keep your car in a locked garage with restricted access. This might be your garage at home or a garage at work that requires a transponder key to enter.

Choose your spot carefully when leaving your car in the open. Find spots that are well-lit as good lighting tends to deter thieves. Avoid leaving your car in isolated areas where a burglar might try to break into your car without being seen. Finally, search for parking spaces monitored by CCTV cameras or other security equipment, particularly in parking lots. A thief may become discouraged simply by the thought of being caught on camera.

5. Make sure your windows are tinted.

Thieves will often try to scope out the inside of a car, looking for any obvious items of value, before attempting to break in. Therefore, tinting your car’s windows can be another preventative car security measure. A darker window tint discourages would-be auto thieves by making it more difficult for them to see inside the vehicle.

6. Keep your car’s wheels safe.

You might be surprised to learn thieves can steal your car’s wheels and tires. According to statistics, approximately USD$1 million in tires are stolen each year. Why? They can be quickly removed and have a high market value, especially if they are expensive brands. Protecting your car’s wheels not only makes it more difficult for a thief to steal the wheels, but it can also keep them from driving away with your vehicle.

Devices to Prevent Car Break-ins

If you’re thinking about investing in some anti-theft devices, here are some of our recommendations you can consider:

Kill Switch

There is no more effective anti-theft equipment than a car kill switch. When activated, the car kill switch cuts off the electricity supply and disables vital components, which prevents the car from being driven away.

Car Alarm

The car alarm is the most popular vehicle safety equipment. The alarm will go off if a burglar tries to break into your automobile by opening the door or smashing a window. You may use a key fob or access code to disable some car alarms, while other systems require manual intervention.

Steering Wheel Lock

One of the most common and oldest methods to prevent car theft has been to lock the steering wheel. You can do this by locking it into place using the car’s internal steering lock feature or using a steel locking bar that prevents the steering wheel from being turned.

Dashboard Camera

Car owners are increasingly adopting the use of dashboard cameras. Besides providing security for your vehicle, dash cams can also capture the identity of a car thief and may be used as evidence.

Car GPS Tracker

A GPS is different from most security systems in that it does not necessarily prevent a car from being stolen; instead, it tracks the car after it has been stolen. Using GPS, you can monitor the location of your car even if thieves try to hide it, which means you are more likely to recover your car after it has been stolen.

Keyless Locks

Auto theft is a widespread problem because of how simple it is for thieves to access cars. Installing an anti-theft keyless auto-lock will make it much more difficult for thieves to break into your vehicle.

GPS tracking warning stickers

Theft-deterring decals come highly recommended by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. They are a simple and cheap solution to make your car safer. These anti-theft labels are a deterrent, telling would-be thieves to move on to an easier target. They’re four inches wide and are visible to any thief contemplating stealing your car.


More and more tech-savvy car thieves are breaking into cars, stealing from them, or even changing the vehicle’s identification to avoid being caught. Finding ways to prevent car break-ins might be challenging, but the extra effort is worthwhile. Consider implementing the security measures discussed above if you’re unsure how to deter theft. Remember to seek the advice of experts who can perform research, acquisition, and installation of such security devices.

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