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Importance of Calling Safe Technicians

Safes and vaults are a must if you want to keep valuable items safe from unwanted elements or prolong their quality. People mostly prefer safes because of their accessibility and mobility. Business establishments, on the other hand, install vaults to access their assets easily.

Most people interchange safes and vaults. Although the use of both is quite the same, there is a big difference – literally. Safes are usually smaller than vaults and people can easily move or carry them. Meanwhile, vaults are larger and are installed within the establishment itself. At the turn of the century, safes and vaults are becoming easy to acquire and install thanks to the services of a skilled and knowledgeable safe technician.

Who Are Safe and Vault Technicians?

Safe technicians are crucial to the maintenance and overall effectiveness of safes and vaults. Even back in the early days, when safes and vaults were still made of wood, a specialized professional was tasked with maintaining them. These early safe technicians are knowledgeable in locks and a variety of contraptions that prevent theft.

Modern locksmiths specialize in vaults and safes. Training is required to ensure that these professionals are skilled and knowledgeable, especially with the new technology available for these containers.

If you are thinking of getting a safe for personal use or having a vault installed in your establishment, you must consult first with a safe and vault technician. Though it may seem like it’s not a big deal, consulting with a safe technician can help you maximize the usage of your vaults. Here are some reasons why you should call a professional technician before purchasing a safe or installing a vault.

Why You Need To Call A Technician

A technician is a highly skilled professional that knows the ins and outs of safes and vaults. Consulting with them can help you save money and decide on the following:

Security Options

Installing vaults and creating personalized safes often includes a specific security option agreed upon by the owner and the technician. A safe and vault technician creates and reviews a security plan with the client. There is a huge variety of doors and locks available for each safe and vault and all of these can be installed using a technician’s specialized tools.

Access Control System

Modern safes and vaults are primarily secured by an access control system (ACS). ACS works through codes that are programed into the lock and can only be opened by the person who either has the keycard or the programed thumbprint, depending on the type of ACS that was installed.

Technicians will have to test the ACS to make sure that it works and that it is foolproof. One of the responsibilities of a locksmith that specializes in safes and vaults is to review the security plan. The technician will have to test the surface area where the safe will be stored and also provide training to security personnel regarding the ACS.

Accurate Code Combinations

Despite modernization, there are still models of safes and vaults that employ code combinations to keep the container securely locked. Code combinations for safes and vaults should be difficult to decipher. Technicians will have to be present when the client or the security personnel chooses the code. A safe technician ensures that the client or the security officer will input the correct series of codes into the safe or vault.

Aside from that, technicians can immediately correct whenever there is a wrong input. In cases of vaults powered by access control systems, technicians can easily program the code or reprogram it in case of a security breach.

Necessary Repairs and Upgrades

Although safes and vaults are made from sturdy materials and are designed for longevity, there will be instances when they will encounter problems such as rusting or, for older models, jammed handles. Newer safe models experience problems such as dead batteries and lock-out mode.

Technicians can easily resolve these problems by reprogramming the safes (in cases of newer models powered by access control systems) or replacing the problematic handle or opening (for older safe models). A technician is equipped with the right tools that can make repairs faster with minimal changes to the setup.

Proper Consultation

Before going through the process of acquiring a new safe or having a new vault installed into your establishment, it is best to have a thorough talk with a safe technician. Consultations with a professional safe and vault technician can give you an idea of how much a vault installation can cost and can also give you an estimate on how long the installation will take.

Professional technicians undergo specialized safe technician training to be able to install vaults in establishments or residential areas and provide adequate information on which safes to use. Consulting with a professional safe and vault technician will ensure that you will keep your precious items secure.

Alpine Lock & Safe Can Aid You With Safes and Vaults

Safes and vaults are designed to keep precious items secure and away from unwanted elements. If you want to preserve pieces of jewelry, notes, or other precious items, investing in safes or vaults is the answer. The first step towards safe and vault installation is to seek safe technician services.

Alpine Lock & Safe’s professional Safe Technicians in Vale, CO can give you consultations and recommendations regarding the right type of safe or vault to use in your property. Our 40-year experience attests to the quality of service we provide.

Call us now and let’s get that safe installed!

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