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For any security safe problems, seek help from Colorado's best safe technicians in the Vail, CO, area.

Security safes are excellent for guarding family heirlooms and valuable belongings, but they aren’t foolproof. Like everything else, they are still susceptible to wear and tear. Because they are designed to store and secure your possessions, making sure they are in good condition with the help of safe technicians in the Vail, CO,area should be a top priority.

Alpine Lock & Safe provides safe technician services in the Vail, CO, area. We make it our goal to keep security safes functioning at their best. Regardless of the problem, we’ll find the perfect solution from the array of services we provide.

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Common Causes of Security Safe Problems

Take a look:

  • Excessive Bolt-End Pressure: Forcing the carriage against the lock bolts of security safes causes too much bolt-end pressure to occur. This pressure leads to the loosening of bolts that causes problems with opening security safes. Bolt-end pressure can also occur due to different factors, such as poorly installed locks, incorrect bolt work, and doors that have fallen out of alignment.
  • Loose Mounting Bolts: The mounting bolts of security safes loosen over time. This results in difficulties when opening a security safe. The worst-case scenario is when the only option left is a drill.
  • Safe Combination Drift: Problems with opening security safes can be caused by dial drifting. This happens when the dial has drifted upwards or downwards, causing the safe combination to no longer match the numbers needed to open the safe.

Our Safe Technician Services in the Vail, CO, Area

Rely on Alpine Lock & Safe to provide the best services from proficient safe technicians in the Vail, CO, area, including:

1. Safe Combination Changing

It is always a wise decision to change your safe combinations regularly as an added security measure. If you find yourself unable to, our safes technicians in the Vail, CO,area can help. They'll check your safe's condition — whether mechanical or electronic — determine the source of the issue, and proceed to assist you with your desired changes.

2. Opening and Rekeying

In case your security safe doesn't open, our safe technicians in the Vail, CO,area are the ones to call. They are trained to open security safes, vaults, and deposit boxes without damaging them. Additionally, they can rekey your locks for added security.

3. Maintaining, Repairing, and Upgrading

Our safe technicians in the Vail, CO,area provide repair and maintenance services whenever needed. They are trained to address a wide variety of problems and provide regular inspections. Both mechanical and electronic safes are made of moving parts, making them susceptible to damage. With annual maintenance from our safe technicians in the Vail, CO,area, you are guaranteed to have a well-functioning safe.

Our technicians also provide installation services for new security safes if you want to upgrade your existing one.

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Why Alpine Lock & Safe

Having been in the industry since 1972, we remain one of the most trustworthy providers of safe technician services in the Vail, CO, area. Whether it’s your residential or commercial security safe that needs repair, maintenance, or added protection, we should be the first port of call. When you hire us, expect that we’ll value your belongings as much as you do.

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