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Your Ultimate Guide to Locksmith Tools

Ever wondered what’s inside a locksmith’s kit whenever you hire a professional locksmith to get you out of a car lockout situation? To feed your curiosity, we give you a rundown of the locksmith tools used by an automotive locksmith. Let’s take a look at some of the locksmith supplies.

Car Locksmith Tools

Automotive locksmiths are certified and trained locksmiths who work with locks and keys that relate to vehicles. While the most popular service offered by an auto locksmith is emergency access to a vehicle due to a lock or key problem, they are also trained in other services. Let’s take a look at a few of the essential tools in a locksmith kit.

1. Hook

Hooks are handy locksmith tools to have on hand for picking locks and don’t want a paper clip. It can be used upside-down or as a “bitch” pick. It is used for multiple purposes, including single pin picking.

2. Scope

Locksmiths use a scope to work in tight spaces and handle small parts. A scope is helpful when adjusting any small item during a service.

3. Rakes

The L rake, or City rake looks like a saw blade and gives the appearance of a city skyline. The blade can be used to rock in the keyway as if biting on a key.

The Bogota rake is popular because it is used the same way as the Bogota keyhole, where one can quickly move the tool into and out of a keyhole. Although the keyhole may not be large enough to accommodate a rake at times, locksmiths keep a Bogota handy.

4. Key Extractor

A key extractor can be used to remove a key stuck in a key slot. This tool is needed to remove any foreign objects stuck in your key slots.

5. Installation Templates

An installation template is the best way to go when installing a new lock system. An installation template helps locksmiths drill the holes correctly. It saves time and protects the car from potential damage.

6. Tension Wrench

The tension wrench is a flat steel strip bent at a 90-degree angle. It consists of both a long and short end.

The shorter end of the wrench is used for reaching at least half the length of the keyway. This section of the wrench functions in the same way as the blade on the key to turn the plug.

This tension wrench is intended to be used at bottom of keyway. It is an ideal tool for picking locks. There are many variations on the tension wrench, including its size and length.

7. Lock Pick Guns

Locksmiths also make use of the lockpick gun. This tool is much more efficient than manually picking locks. Nowadays, a lockpick gun has externally powered electronic parts.

Auto jigglers is a lock pick made for both domestic and international cars.

8. Universal Gas Cap

Car doors keys aren’t the only ones that go missing. Many gas caps have gas lock to prevent theft. Automotive locksmiths use a universal gas cap key to open any tank.

9. Auto Shutter Tool Set

This tool can hold open dust covers for automotive locks. Locksmiths are careful when using an auto shutter to avoid damaging the car.

Why Hire a Professional Automotive Locksmith

Being locked outside your car can be one of the most horrible things that could happen. It could be because you lost your car keys, locked them in as soon as you gt out, or the lock is broken.

You can’t open the car in such cases and your only option is to hire a professional locksmith to assist you. Here are incredible benefits to hiring an auto locksmith for your vehicle:

1. Has Knowledge and Experience

Professional auto locksmiths have both the certification and knowledge to resolve any car lockout problem. They have extensive experience with all types of locks, keys, and all other security aspects that are required for your vehicle. They are adept in all aspects of rekeying locks, addressing lockouts, replacing or repairing locks, and so on.

Professional auto locksmiths also give pieces of advice on how to avoid the same problem in the future. You can learn safety measures to keep your car’s locks in top condition for a long time from a professional locksmith.

2. Has the Right Tools and Equipment

Professional auto locksmiths always have the right locksmith tools in his/her locksmith kit to do any job well. Because some car locks can be difficult to fix, it’s best to turn to professionals for help. A professional locksmith can do the job right without damaging your locks.

3. Offers Prompt Assistance

You can get the problem solved quickly by hiring a professional automotive locksmith service.

It is always better to hire professionals than attempt to fix the problem yourself. They provide fast solutions, so you don’t have to wait.

4. Provides 24/7 or After-Hours Services

Because locksmith emergencies can happen at any time, professional locksmiths are available 24/7. No matter what time it is, you can always call your locksmith for assistance. Even after regular working hours, there is always someone on call to help you with an emergency.

Sometimes, you only need to pay a premium fee for locksmith services outside of normal business hours. It’s worth the extra cost, as everything can be done right away and you won’t have to wait until the morning.

Alpine Lock & Safe Rescues You From Car Lockouts

Alpine Lock & Safe offers residential locksmith services in Vail. If you find yourself locked out of your car, give us a call.

Our locksmiths are equipped with the essential locksmith tools to help you get back inside your car even during after-service hours.

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