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A Gun Safe: Why Make the Investment?

Different safes, such as wall safes, floor safes, jewelry safes, and gun safes, serve different purposes.

Today, we’ll be covering all bases about gun safe ownership. Investing in a safe is essential if you have a gun in your possession for either collection, hobby, or safety purposes. With the many safes for sale, you might need help choosing one that best fits you.

It is a responsibility that you should take seriously for various reasons. Alpine Lock & Safe is here to help you make an informed decision. Find out everything there is to know about buying a gun safe — from the benefits, features, do’s and dont’s — and more.

Make the Investment: 6 Safe Benefits You Should Know

As a responsible citizen, owning a gun safe should be your priority. If you are thinking about the expenses, here are reasons why it’s worth every penny:

1. Keep Your Guns Safe from Intruders

A safe provides security from theft. It gives peace of mind knowing unauthorized people will not have access to your firearms. It’s best to understand that a safe is more than just a box. It’s an extra layer of protection.

2. Keep Firearms Out of Children’s Reach

As you know, children are naturally curious. Owning a gun safe is imperative when living in a household with children. Here’s a quick look at statistics of gun-related deaths, according to a 2020 report from the National Safety Council:

  • Accidental or Preventable: 1%
  • Suicide: 54%
  • Homicide: 43%
  • Undetermined: 1%
  • Legal Intervention: 1%

A quality safe benefits owners and helps reduce the risk of gun violence.

3. Keep You From Breaking the Law

The laws for owning a safe vary from state to state, like the Firearm Locking Device and Child Prevention Access. Before buying a gun, familiarize yourself with your state’s law regarding the safekeeping of firearms.

Investing in a safe guarantees you and the community are out of harm’s way. It also ensures you are following the law.

4. Gives You Quick Access

Another reason buying a gun safe is worth the investment is how it gives you quick access to your firearm when you need it. If you or your loved ones are in danger, you’ll only need to put in the code to access it.

5. Protect Your Valuable Items

A home gun safe can also serve a different purpose. Depending on the safe you choose, you can use the extra space for your other belongings such as documents, jewelry, or cash. Also, some safes have a fire rating, which is a gauge of how protected your valuables are from a fire.

6. Insurance Company Requirement

Most insurance companies require keeping your firearm in a safe to guarantee full insurance coverage. While you might have a place to store it, nothing beats the security that a safe offers. Installing a gun safe ensures you’re complying with your insurance company’s requirements.

What to Look For When Buying a Gun Safe

Just like your firearms, a safe is an investment. There are several factors to consider when choosing a safe — one that suits your needs, preferences, and budget. Here are some things to look for when buying a gun safe:

1. Cost

Are gun safes worth it? Although they don’t come cheap, they’re a long-term investment. You may not be able to find a safe that ticks everything on your checklist, but one of best quality ensures protection from theft, fire, and irresponsible use.

The safe you find can be within your budget, but may not fit your preference. You can either downgrade or upgrade your safe of choice to meet one of your criteria.

2. Use

Yes, you’re buying a safe for your firearms. However, there are different types of gun safes. Before finalizing your option, ask yourself whether you’re storing a gun of value or something you’ll be using more frequently.

Some safes have an added extra layer of protection from outside factors. These are perfect for antique guns or ones with sentimental value. Others are more convenient, which gives you hassle-free access whenever you need it.

3. Space

What to look for in a gun safe? The space of the safe on the inside matters. Consider the number of guns you have and their sizes. Don’t forget to factor in your plans of purchasing another firearm in the future. That way, you already have a space for it.

4. Size

Another thing to consider is the dimensions of the safe. Safes require space, so you need to know where to put a gun safe in your house.

Measure the area before you start canvassing for safes to make it easier to narrow down your options, saving you time.

5. Materials

When it comes to buying a gun safe, the better the materials used, the more expensive it would be. So instead of choosing one on the lower end, save up for one that’s designed to withstand calamities and time. Think of it as something that you can use for years to come or even pass down to the future generation of your family.

6. Warranty

You may stumble upon a safe that provides a replacement safe in case of damage. The warranty of the safe will give you peace of mind. So before you push through with your purchase, ask about the warranty coverage and duration.

Dos and Dont’s When Buying a Home Gun Safe

There’s no one safe that fits every need ofevery gun owner. One may need a large gun safe, while some may need something more compact. Don’t shop for a safe on a whim. Choose one with careful consideration.

Here are the dos and dont’s when comparing gun safe brands:

DO opt for a large gun safe.

When looking for safes, consider buying one that is one size bigger than what you’re looking for. This is especially true for gun owners who collect firearms. Over time, you might run out of space for your new additions. So instead of buying another safe in the future, anticipate how much space you’ll need and invest in it.

DON’T forget to inform your family.

Involve your family in the process of choosing a safe. They should also know its intended purpose. Aside from that, it would help if you also discussed where you’d be putting it.

DO choose an appropriate location.

As we said, safes come in different dimensions. Find the best place for gun safe in your home. If you want it within your reach, you can check if you can place it in your bedroom. If you need a bigger space, you can consider installing it in your garage.

DON’T place it in the living room or a common area.

You want the safe in an accessible location yet concealed from strangers. Make sure it is not seen outside from any windows or doors. Chances are burglars will find the safe intriguing. Avoid putting yourself and your family at risk by choosing a secure area that’s not too visible to outsiders. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

DO pick a fire-resistant safe

Some gun safes come with different fire ratings. Although the primary purpose of having a safe is to keep your firearms from falling into the wrong hands, you can never go wrong with another safety feature. Fire-resistant safes guarantee you will not lose your precious items if a fire breaks out.

DON’T skip on the research.

Shopping for safes requires research. It comes with a hefty price tag, and you want to make sure you’re getting the value for your money. It’s better to compare the different gun safe brands in the comfort of your own home rather than spend time walking around an establishment.

DO take the temperature into account.

When selecting a place to put your safe, choose a location with the right temperature. Extreme hot and cold temperatures may lead to the rusting of your guns. You might want to avoid putting it near the furnace or the air conditioner. -You can always install a dehumidifier to eliminate moisture.

6 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Safes

“Do I need a gun safe?” You might have asked yourself this very question several times. And the answer remains the same: yes, you do. Here are some questions to ask so you can get started with your safe-hunting journey:

1. What is the level of security you’re looking for?

The level of security dictates the price of the safe: the more secure it is, the more money you have to spend. A quality safe is worth the investment. Familiarize yourself with the following:

  • steel thickness
  • number of locking bolts
  • the way it was built
  • the materials used

Once you determine these, it will be easier to find the most suitable safe for you.

2. How is the safe company’s customer service?

The best gun safe brands offer lifetime warranties for fire protection and theft. In the event of a fire or a theft, you can rely on them to provide you with a brand new one. Get a gist of their customer service by checking their social media or researching them on online.

See how they address customer complaints and the resolutions they offer. You can also check if they have 5-star ratings from their customers.

3. Where is the country of origin of the safe you’re eyeing?

The majority of safes available in the US are manufactured in other countries. These safes are usually cheaper compared to ones directly from the US. However, the best place to buy a gun safe is one that sells safes manufactured in the US.

4. Can it protect my guns from a fire?

There’s no way of telling how long a fire will last. Safes have different fire protection duration, and the most common standard is 30 minutes. Premium safe models may have a 2-hour fire protection rating.

However, you can consider a few things when choosing a gun safe’s fire protection duration. If you are far from the fire station, you can opt for one with a higher fire protection rating than usual. Also, you might want a safe on the higher-end if you are storing other valuable items.

5. How much is your budget?

When looking for safes, allot a budget for it. Even safes on the lower end of the pricing scale don’t come cheap. But as we’ve been saying, a safe is an investment. A high-quality safe will save you from the trouble of having to replace a low-grade model. Owning one will also save you from the hassle and pain of losing your treasured items.

6. What kind of lock do you prefer?

There are typically three locks to choose from — electronic, mechanical, and biometric. Evaluate the disadvantages and advantages between them to know the ideal type of lock for you.

Here’s an overview to give you an idea:

Electronic Locks

Safes with electronic locks provide easy access. It comes with a PIN, much like an ATM, which you need to enter. These types of locks need batteries. If you don’t use your guns often, the batteries may run out of juice when you need them.

Mechanical Locks

Gun safes with mechanical locks use a dial and a number combination. Unlike electronic locks, they don’t need batteries to operate. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you always have access to your safe. However, you won’t be able to change the combination. Frequent turning of the dial may also wear out the moving components of the safe, which requires maintenance every five years.


Out of the types of locks, biometric is the latest. It works by scanning your fingerprint. The advantage is that you don’t need to memorize a code to access your safe. Just put your fingerprint, and voila, it’s open. However, since they’re relatively new, a few features may still need improvement.

7 Different Types of Gun Safes

While other kinds of safes will also work in locking away your guns, a gun safe is still the appropriate storage for that. Safes designed for firearms offer organization, value, and versatility.

Here are the different types of safes for guns:

1. Multi-Use

As the name multi-use suggests, this safe is more than storage for your guns. It has shelves, drawers, and compartments to organize your items. You can also store documents and other prized possessions.

2. Handgun

Handgun safes are portable. They usually come in the size of a small briefcase. Gun owners who usually bring their guns with them will benefit from this type of gun safe. There are other handgun safes designed for storing multiple guns, which come in the size of an apple box.

3. Long Safe

This type of safe is perfect for rifles and shotguns. Long safes for guns usually vary in width depending on your preferred capacity. They’re usually 60″ in height to fit bigger firearms.

4. In-Wall

An in-wall gun safe, as the name suggests, is built into a wall. Since they’re built into the wall, they’re safe in the event of flooding. You can have an interior designer match it with your property’s interior. They also have a good amount of storage space.

Depending on the fit of the safe, they can also be pry-proof and allows you to choose the type of lock.

5. Car Safe

State laws vary when it comes to carrying firearms in the car. They come in different functionalities and designs depending on your needs. A car gun safe is a good hiding place for your gun if you don’t need access to it all the time.

6. Floor Safe

A floor safe is a good option if security is your most serious concern. The downside is they’re a little complicated to access. Burglars may have difficulty locating or even opening the safe when it’s installed properly. This type of safe is ideal for guns you don’t plan to access all the time.

7. Nightstand Safe

Nightstand safes are flexible because you can mount them on different surfaces. They’re compact, so you can hide them well. You can also match it with your decor, so it is hidden in plain sight. They usually need batteries, but you can pick one with an override key.

The Best Time to Buy a Gun Safe Is Today

Alpine Lock & Safe carries a wide range of high-quality gun safes in Vail, CO.

Our staff will be happy to assist in choosing the best safe for your firearms. Some of the brands we carry are Fort Knox, Gardall, and American Security. At Alpine Lock & Safe, your safety is our priority. Call us!

Picture of Chris Dangler
Chris Dangler

Chris Dangler, the owner of Alpine Lock and Safe, has nearly five decades of locksmith expertise, proudly serving the Vail Valley, Roaring Fork, and Summit County areas since 1972. As a certified locksmith company, Alpine Lock & Safe offers comprehensive residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services. Their CRL-certified and registered locksmith team ensures top-notch security solutions, from installations and repairs to emergency lockouts, using premium brands like Schlage and Rocky Mountain Hardware.​

Picture of Chris Dangler
Chris Dangler

Chris Dangler, the owner of Alpine Lock and Safe, has nearly five decades of locksmith expertise, proudly serving the Vail Valley, Roaring Fork, and Summit County areas since 1972. As a certified locksmith company, Alpine Lock & Safe offers comprehensive residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services. Their CRL-certified and registered locksmith team ensures top-notch security solutions, from installations and repairs to emergency lockouts, using premium brands like Schlage and Rocky Mountain Hardware.​

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