Automotive Locksmith Services - Why Call The Experts

Automotive Locksmith Services: Why Call The Experts?

If you have experienced being locked out of your car, you know how annoying and frustrating the circumstance can be. What’s worse is that sometimes you find yourself locked out of your car in very uncanny situations.

In most cases, people will opt to try and open the locked doors of their cars themselves. Unfortunately, this leads to more problems than immediate solutions. To provide resolutions to these kinds of problems, automotive locksmith services are becoming more and more available and accessible.

Cars have developed an advanced locking system throughout the years which makes it difficult to fix this problem without a locksmith for car. Older car models used to have a manual locking system that could be easily opened using a thin piece of wire – often called the Slim Jim – inserted through the window to reach the locking mechanism.

However, newer car models went digital at the turn of the decade. Most cars produced in recent years have shifted from a manual locking system to a digital locking system. This digital locking system responds to either a transponder key or a remote key.

Difference Between Transponder Keys and Remote Keys

To better understand how automotive locksmiths fix modern car locks, we need to know how transponder keys work and how they differ from remote keys.

A professional automotive locksmith knows that transponder keys are designed to have three levels of security to make it difficult to bypass the locks. Manufacturers install microchips on transponder keys to transmit signals from the key to the receiver. These microchips contain a unique serial number that matches the serial number located in the car. The signal from the key will confirm if the serial number matches the one inside the car for verification.

Meanwhile, with remote keys, there are only two levels of security: locking and unlocking the door from a distance through radio frequency and inserting the key into the keyhole.

What Do Automotive Locksmiths Offer?

A professional automotive locksmith is aware of the changes and developments in lock system technology.

1. Key Repair and Unlocking of Cars

Automotive locksmith services can not only repair keys and unlock your car, but they can also replace a whole lock system depending on how dire the situation is.

Automotive locksmith services also offer mobile automotive locksmith services in cases of emergency lockouts using either a Slim Jim for simple lockouts or reprogramming transponder keys for newer car models.

2. Key Removal

Got a broken key stuck inside a lock? A professional mobile automotive locksmith can remove the keys for you using a key extraction tool which can connect with a broken piece easily. Some key extraction tools come with small pliers to assist in the extraction.

3. Key Reprogramming

A professional locksmith for car can easily reprogram a transponder car key. This type of key is quite complex because it bears its own serial number, and the whole activity of a car depends on the key.

Automotive locksmith services can reprogram transponder keys by connecting the key to a computer where a car is directly connected.

4. Professional Advice

An automotive locksmith can also give you tips on how to avoid getting into similar situations and some additional knowledge for you to further understand how car locks and keys work. Hiring an automotive locksmith is easy, and you can be sure that you are getting the right solution for your car.

Why Hire Automotive Locksmiths?

Hiring automotive locksmith services saves both time and resources in unlocking a car all the while making sure that your car is in tip-top shape. Hiring an expert locksmith can ensure the safe retrieval of a key because a professional locksmith for car has the latest tools and gadgets to get the job done in a short period of time.

Since professional mobile automotive locksmith services are well-equipped, you can expect that they can get the job done in a short period of time. This is highly helpful during bad weather or cold climate. A mobile automotive locksmith service can easily go to your spot and fix the damages to your car key in less than half a day.

Alpine Lock & Safe Is Your Best Bet In Automotive Locksmith Issues

If you ever find yourself stuck outside of your car on a rainy or snowy day and you need to get home immediately, call Alpine Lock & Safe. A team of professional automotive locksmiths can unlock your car and retrieve your keys in no time.

Alpine Lock & Safe is not limited to dealing with automotive lock problems. Do you also need a door installation? Repairs? Maintenance? Call us now!

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