Locked Out of Home - What Do You Need to Do

Locked Out of Home: What Do You Need to Do?

Getting locked out of your home is frustrating. After a long day, you want nothing more but to put your feet up and watch some good TV — only to find out you’ve been locked out of home. What to do?

4 Things You Can Do When You Get Locked Out of Your Home

Getting locked out of home can be a scary experience, especially if the neighborhood you’re in is unsafe. Whether you’ve left your keys inside or you’ve lost them, there are things you can do while you wait for help to arrive:

1. Call Someone

Take a deep breath and get your phone. Look for someone close by who can get to you when you get locked out of home. It can either be a friend, a neighbor, or your landlord. If you have a roommate with a spare key, call them. Think of anyone who has a copy of your key. If you’re lucky (and they’re still awake), assuming you get locked out at night, you should be inside your home in no time.

2. Call Your Landlord

If you live in an apartment complex, your landlord might save you from a locked-out situation. They usually have a spare key or two for situations like this. If you’ve been a tenant for a long time, your landlord may be happy to let you in.

3. Find a Home Locksmith

Apart from calling your loved ones, the next thing to do is call experts. There are locksmith companies that provide emergency locksmith services. They’re not the cheapest option, but they’re a surefire way to get inside your home.

A locksmith for home has the tools and skills to open any door — without damaging any door hardware. They’re available 24/7 to help you out. The cost for lockout services differs from one company to another. You may have to shell out $30 to $40.

4. Look for Another Way In

While you wait for the home locksmith to arrive, try looking for unlocked doors or windows. Although unlocked doors and windows are invitations to burglars, it’s your chance to get inside your home.

If you do find an unlocked window, be careful when entering. Take it slow as you shimmy down and assess whether you’ll land in an area with furniture or not.

What Not to Do When You Get Locked Out

As much as you want to get back into your home, it is best to take a breath and avoid making decisions that you’ll regret later. A locksmith for home is your best option to get back inside your house — safe and sound. Avoid the urge to smash a window. It will only cost you money for repairs.

Lastly, you may not want to force yourself into an opening that you may get stuck on. Take this 26-year-old man who got stuck in his University area home’s chimney after attempting to go in through there. It took the Tucson Fire Department to get him out.

Out of frustration, you might want to try to kick the front door down instead of waiting for a home locksmith. This is a big no-no as you might hurt yourself in the process. You might also do considerable damage to your door, door jamb, and door lock. Save yourself the trouble and expenses by waiting for the experts to arrive.

A locked out of home locksmith will be able to save you from this unfortunate situation. Locksmiths typically have lockout services that can get to you even in the late hours of the night. So, to avoid having to pay for a broken window repair, door replacement, and injuries, sit tight and wait for them to fix the problem for you.

3 Tips to Prevent Getting Locked Out of Your Home

Once the locked out of home locksmith arrives and gets you inside your home, there are a few tips to keep in mind, so this never happens to you again.

1. Go Keyless

Never get locked out of your home when you’re keyless. There are several door locks available. Ask a locksmith for home near you for recommendations.

2. Have Someone Keep a Spare

Prevent lockouts by having someone else keep a spare key for you. Ideally, it should be a trusted neighbor who is available most of the time.

3. Hide-a-Key

There are many hide-a-key decorations to disguise where you hide your key. It can either be a rock or other yard decoration.

Let Alpine Lock & Safe’s Locksmith for Home Come to You

Having a trusted home locksmith to call can save you loads of time.

If you’re looking for a trusted locksmith in Avon, Colorado, choose Alpine Lock & Safe. We offer emergency lockout services. Our team is trained to talk to you over the phone as you wait for our seasoned locksmiths to arrive.

Alpine Lock & Safe doesn’t recommend you pry open your door. We understand how it feels to be in that situation. We’ll be at your location in no time. Be worry-free by reaching out to us.

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