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Ways to Keep your Home Secured While on Vacation

Vacations are something that many people look forward to for months. It’s the best way to have a few days off from the daily stresses of work and family.

However, don’t let your excitement about taking a vacation make you forget the threats of leaving your home unprotected. You can go to the beach, spend a weekend camping with your family, or take your wife for a well- deserved shopping weekend, but take precautions to leave your home secured. The philosophy “better safe than sorry” should be practiced in this situation, so review your home safety checklist before you head out. An extra security adjustments will help keep your house safe and your belongings secure while you’re gone. Moreover, it will prevent you from over-thinking about your home’s security once you’re on your way to your fun-filled vacation.

There are home safety tips that anyone can take to ensure their possessions and home are safe from crime. Here are some viable tips and home security ideas to help keep your home safe and sound while on vacation.

Security Tips: Inside your Home

You can ask a friend

To give your home a lived-in feeling, ask someone you trust to come to your house every so often while you’re away.

Make use of your electronics

Turned on televisions or radios can give the impression that someone is at home. Before, these were left on by the owner when they left their homes. But now, you can install smart plugs on your devices to set up a schedule for the devices to turn on and off instantly.

Utilize your lights

An effective home safety tip to trick burglars that there are people at home is to turn on a few lights in common spaces like the kitchen or living room. The lights will be a deterrent to let everyone know that you are present and active in your home. You can also set the lights to go on and off using timers. For an added security system for your house, you can start integrating home automation.

Close your curtains

Being consistent is the best trick. Close your blinds and curtains at night to keep your home secure. You can keep your shades slightly open during the day, but close them at night. It would be a great idea to install motorized blinds in your home to be able to control them from your phone using an app. This helps in posing an image that someone is at home to keep your house safe from intruders.

Security Tips: Outside your Home

Park a car in the driveway

Another way to show you are home is to leave your car parked in your driveway. If you’re taking your car for your trip, you can ask a neighbor or friend to park their car in front of your home until you return.

Lock all the doors and windows

Before getting into your car and leaving, make sure all your home windows and doors are locked. Moreover, to ensure that no one gets in, it would be best to disconnect the garage door opener entirely. Additionally, you can consider adding a security system for your house by installing a smart lock at your front door, so you can monitor who enters your home remotely.

Stop mail and newspaper delivery

Burglars will know that you’re away if you have a full mailbox or piles of newspapers on your porch. Ask a friend to visit your home and bring the mail and newspapers in. Alternatively, you can inform the post office and newspaper distributor to suspend delivery until you return.

Hire someone for yard maintenance

If you are going to be gone for a while, have someone cut your grass, or, if winter is approaching, clear the snow off your sidewalk because a messy yard is a sign that nobody is home.

Keep regular household activities

It’s possible to block mail delivery, but it’s best to maintain regular service. For example, if someone cleans your home each week, they should also come while you are gone to maintain the regular activities in the household.

List of Equipment to Elevate your Home’s Security

1. Security cameras

Many homeowners opt to invest in smart security system for their house.These systems are effective because you can access them through your phone as long as you’re connected to a reliable internet connection. This should be your first line defense for security at home when you’re away from home.

It’s imperative to have sensors installed on your doors and windows to keep your house safe because the security system will trigger an alarm when it’s forcefully opened or shattered. Then this alarm might rattle the thief away, and the neighbors can report it to the police, especially if there’s a breach.

2. Outdoor security lighting

If there are many well-placed security lightings, shadowy dark paths cannot be utilized by intruders. Instead of leaving you outdoor lights all the time, you can use smart lighting that only turns on when it detects any motion. Likewise, you must light all entry points into your home, including doors and windows.

3. Smart video doorbell with monitor

The video doorbell is the most versatile security product to have hit the market over the past decade. These devices can be used as cameras. Many smart video doorbells also have a speaker to allow you to talk with the person knocking on your door. This gives you the feeling that you are at home, even though you’re just on the app.

4. High-quality door hardware

One of the most common home safety tips, when you’re leaving your home, is to make sure that you are using high-quality locks and door hardware. It must be made from sturdy material and guaranteed to keep your doors secured and safe from burglary and theft while you’re away.

Things to Check Before Leaving Your Home

  • Check that your security system is up. Check to see if your motion sensor is picking up movement. Double-check all cameras to ensure they are working in the correct direction. Make sure your device’s battery or backup power has enough life to sustain for when you’re out.
  • Review your homeowner’s policy. Check that your coverage isn’t missing any gaps. The conditions must be clear and up to date.
  • Call your security company. To keep your home secured while away, notify your security or alarm company where you are going and when you will be back.
  • Inform your neighbors. Although you don’t want everyone to know that you are away, sharing your plans with trusted neighbors will encourage them to be aware of any unusual activity at your home.

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