8 Essential Questions To Ask a Locksmith

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Have you ever found yourself locked out of your own home or car? Or, have you ever felt the need to change your locks for security reasons? If yes, then you know how vital the role of a locksmith can be in such situations. However, not all locksmiths are created equal, and it’s important to […]

An In-Depth Look Into Hollow Metal Door Frames

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Although wooden door frames are often recognized for their aesthetics, hollow metal door frames are an excellent alternative for commercial establishments and industrial environments that demand a frame with strength and durability. Hollow metal door frames are constructed from heavy-duty materials such as steel that have been welded together and shaped to form a frame, making […]

Why You Should Consider Key Duplication

Many people tend to disregard the importance of key duplication until they lock themselves out of their own homes or they misplace or lose their keys. Although you can always count on a local locksmith to help you out, it is far more beneficial to be proactive and have duplicate keys made ahead of time in […]

Are Keyless Door Locks the Most Secure Option?

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What are Keyless Door Locks Keyless entry to properties is becoming more popular. Electronic locks can replace the bulky key ring, making them a more practical and efficient security solution. Moreover, keyless door locks do not require a physical key like traditional locks. You can open them in many different ways depending on which brand […]

Factors to Consider When Changing Hotel Door Locks

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Hardware can be so expensive that hotels may wait over a decade before upgrading to new locks for their doors. Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to seamless and perfect online check-in for guests is often this lack of “lock innovation.” This is a common mistake that many hoteliers make when looking at new hotel access control […]

Can the Summer Heat Affect Door Locks?

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Security matters require people to be more vigilant, creative, and prudent to avoid lockout situations and ensure the safety of their properties. The changing weather is a surprising cause of lock issues. Due to fluctuating temperatures, residential and commercial locks can jam or fail to work. Most of the time, people overlook their doors or […]

Locked Out of Home: What Do You Need to Do?

Locked Out of Home - What Do You Need to Do

Getting locked out of your home is frustrating. After a long day, you want nothing more but to put your feet up and watch some good TV — only to find out you’ve been locked out of home. What to do? 4 Things You Can Do When You Get Locked Out of Your Home Getting […]

7 Things to Consider When Choosing Door Hardware

7 Things to Consider When Choosing Door Hardware

Both in construction and renovation projects, door hardware plays a vital role. Not only do these components provide people with smooth access to the different areas of a property, but they also enhance security and provide added protection from different external factors. When choosing door hardware, you need to know the different factors to consider […]